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Top Features

GistERP streamlines business operations with features like customizable invoicing, automated tax calculations, multiple payment modes, and e-Invoicing compliance, enhancing efficiency and regulatory adherence in a single, integrated platform. Below are listed some top features:

Inventory Management: This feature offers detailed control over inventory with capabilities for batch-wise and lot-wise tracking, managing expiry dates, and integrating barcode systems, enabling businesses to maintain optimal stock levels and reduce waste.

Accounting & Finance: The software provides comprehensive accounting functionalities including the management of financial transactions, detailed ledger keeping, tracking accounts receivable and payable, and facilitating bank reconciliation, helping businesses maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Billing and Invoicing: GistERP allows for the creation of fully customizable invoices that can cater to the specific needs of a business. This includes the ability to adjust layouts, add company logos, and include necessary business details. The flexibility ensures that invoices not only comply with regulatory requirements but also align with the brand’s identity.

GST Compliance: GistERP simplifies GST compliance by automating the calculation of GST for invoices, generating GST reports, and supporting direct filing of GST returns, ensuring businesses stay compliant with Indian tax laws.

Sales & Distribution Management: From generating quotations to processing sales orders and invoicing, this module streamlines the entire sales process. It also supports distribution management, helping businesses optimize their sales and distribution channels efficiently.

Manufacturing Module: Designed for manufacturing businesses, this module aids in production planning, raw material consumption tracking, and managing production costs, ensuring efficient production processes and cost management.

Pharmacy Module: Tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical sector, it includes features for managing drug expiries, complying with drug schedules, and narcotic regulations, making it easier for pharmacies to manage inventory and stay compliant.

E-Way Bill Integration: This feature facilitates the direct generation and management of e-Way bills from within the software, simplifying the logistics and transportation aspects of business operations as per Indian regulations.

Reports and Analysis: GistERP provides powerful reporting and analysis tools that offer insights into financials, inventory levels, sales performance, and more, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Multi-Location Support: For businesses operating across multiple locations, this feature enables centralized control and uniform management of operations, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all sites.

Mobile App: The mobile applications extend access to business data and functionalities on the go, allowing business owners and employees to make timely decisions and remain productive from anywhere.

Barcode Integration: Enhances inventory management and sales processes by supporting barcode scanning, which speeds up billing and inventory tracking for faster and more accurate operations.

CRM Integration: By integrating with customer relationship management tools, businesses can enhance their customer service and retention strategies, ensuring better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

POS Integration: This feature integrates with Point of Sale systems to optimize retail operations, including sales tracking, inventory management, and customer data management, providing a seamless retail experience.

E-commerce Integration: Enables businesses to connect their online sales platforms with GistERP, ensuring real-time inventory management and synchronization, which is crucial for maintaining accurate stock levels and fulfilling online orders efficiently.

User Access Management: This security feature allows for the creation of multiple user roles and permissions, ensuring that employees only have access to the necessary features and data, thereby protecting sensitive business information.

Backup and Restore: Offers robust data protection with backup and restore capabilities, safeguarding business data against loss or corruption and ensuring business continuity.

Email & SMS Notifications: Supports automated email and SMS notifications for various purposes, including invoice alerts, payment reminders, and promotional campaigns, helping businesses improve communication with their customers.

Salesman eOrder: Provides comprehensive tools for tracking sales personnel performance, managing sales visits, and handling orders, enabling businesses to better manage their